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  (818) 246-1689
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  (310) 371-0168
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Hors d' Oeuvres, Veggie, Cheese, Meat Platters & Trays, Desserts, Entrees, Gourmet Box Lunches and much more!
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Today's No-Coupon Required Daily Special at Billy's is

Thursday - Roasted ½ Chicken
Glendale: $7.50 | Torrance: $7.95

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Monthly Trivia Question

Q: Is there Corn in Corned Beef?


A: No, the term “corned” is coarse salt used in the pickling process. Corn originally meant grain, as in a small particle of something, and referred to the corns of salt.

Sent in by Cindy G., Paramount, CA

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